urban-gro Launches Soleil® Sense and Soleil 360 Platform for Cannabis Cultivators

Platform is Intended to Provide Actionable Data, Improve Yields and Prevent Crop Loss


Lafayette, Colo., (July 23, 2019) – urban-gro, Inc., a leading agricultural solution and technology company that works with leading commercial cannabis cultivators around the world, is launching the Soleil® Sense and Soleil 360 Platformat NCIA’s 6th Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo in San Jose, California on July 23 and 24. Providing commercial growers the ability to access environmental growing data anywhere, Soleil Sense and the Soleil 360 Platform is designed to improve crop quality, consistency, and operational efficiencies by using high-resolution wireless sensor networks. The system delivers actionable, data-driven microclimate intelligence by monitoring critical environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, airflow, light intensity, soil moisture, nutrient levels, and CO2levels.

Read the full release on the urban-gro blog.